Subscribe a collection on Asalytic

Anyone can subscribe a collection, not just the creator of a collection.

Why subscribe a collection on Asalytic?

To gain a lot more exposure on the web platform and the mobile applications.

Interactive discord bot for your server.

Leverage the data to help grow the community and the sale volume.

Make the collection more accessible to the new users in the ecosystem.

Enable us to grow Asalytic and the Algorand NFT ecosystem.

Subscription Benefits

Asalytic Discord Bot

Available to all subscribed collections on Asalytic. Join our discord to try the bot.

Provide interactive discord bot for your community where users can explore their wallets as well as the collection.

More than 25 servers use the bot, users from those servers can start exploring your collection.

!floor mngo

!floor mngo

Retrieves the chepest listed NFT from the collection of interest.

!floor mngo rank 100

!floor mngo rank 100

Retrieves the chepest listed NFT from the collection of interest that has rank below or equal to 100.

!floor mngo trait Body,Gold

!floor mngo trait Body,Gold

Retrieves the chepest listed NFT from the collection of interest that for the Body trait type has value Gold.

Exposure on the home screen on the web and mobile applications

Only subscribed collections will be shown on the most frequent page in Asalytic, which is the home page of the platform.

The recent sales of the collection are shown on the home page of the web and iOS application.

The collection is included in the Trending collections carousel in the iOS app and web mobile version of Asalytic.

The cheapest listed NFT from the collection is included in the Floor listings carousel on web application of Asalytic.

Square ad space that is shown on the home page of Asalytic in the banners section. The banner will be randomly selected to be shown.

Only subscribed collections can be randomly shown in the Marketplace page.

30% API Discount on the Hobby plan.

Those are the initial benefits to the subscribed collections, we will continue innovating and adding more and more benefits to the subscribers.


Subscription for 30 days costs 35 ALGOs

Subscribing directly from mobile device is not available.

If you want to subscribe a collection visit this website from a PC/tablet or contact us on our social media platforms and we will arrange it for you.


Is there a limit to the number of subscribed collections?

No, there is no limit of the number of subscribed collections.

How is the collection order determined in the carousels?

Since the number of subscribed collections can be bigger than the availble slots in the carousels, we are randomizing the results. On each load of the webpage or iOS app, the users see different ordering of the Trending Collections, Floor listings and Square adds in the banners section. With this we believe that we will provide equal exposure time of the subscribed collection in each of the components.

Are only creators allowed to subscribe a collection?

No, anyone can subscribe a collection. The subscription happens only once for the predifined subscription period.

What happens if I have multiple collections, do I need to subscribe each one of them?

If you have multiple smaller collections, or one big collection separated into multiple smaller collections you will need to pay only one subscription fee. However, if you have multiple collections where each collection obtains significant sale volume, then yes, you will need to subscribe each collection separately. Contact us on our social media mediums in order to arrange this.

How do I provide my add banner?

You need to send us an image with dimensions 1280x1024 on our social media mediums. Additionally, you will need to send us the link where the user should be navigated once they click on the banner.